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The The: an online journal of poem plus critique

“Is it to hear the blatter of grackles and say
Invisible priest; is it to eject, to pull
The day to pieces and cry stanza my stone?
Where was it one first heard of the truth? The the.”

from Wallace Stevens The Man on the Dump


The the is an online literary magazine published 12 times a year.

The editor is poet Catherine Owen. Her poetic compulsions surround form, music, intense language, sharp imagery and the elegy in everything.

Each issue will feature one poem, the author’s bio and a short exploration of the piece, in the style of “How a Poem Works.”

Send one previously unpublished poem per non-simultaneous submission, pasted into the body of the email, to

Include a 50 word bio.

The submission period is between the 1st and 21st of each month, beginning March 1st, 2021.

The author of the month’s selected piece will be notified by the 23rd of the month and the work will be published before the end of each month. Authors who aren’t featured won’t be notified. Feel free to submit up to three times a year if your work isn’t accepted the first time. Submit only once a year if your poem is accepted. Payment is publication & critique 🙂

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